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Иконка App Update

App Update 1.5.6

Системы: Mac
Mac OS
Размер: 346 Кб
Языки Русский
Лицензия Freeware (Бесплатная)

Основная информация о программе

App Update is a small utiliy derived from the successful Widget Update, App Update enables you to check for updates to your share- and freeware applications at Apple, MacUpdate and VersionTracker. You will be presented with a tidy list of links to the detail pages of all the updates found.
Among the key features are an extensive online-help, a configuration editor to tailor App Update to your very personal collection of applications, limited support for Quicktime Components, Frameworks and Preference Panes, automatic checking for updates and Growl support.
Applications that were tested and found to be supported out-of-the-box at at least one update source are: Adium X, Azureus, BBEdit, BitTorrent, Camino, Colloquy, DiVA, DivX, Fetch Art for iTunes, Fire, Flip4Mac WMV, Gizmo Project, Google Earth, goPod, Growl, HexEdit, iCab, iTerm, LAME mp3 Quicktime Components and Framework, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Thunderbird, MPEG Streamclip, MPlayer OS X, OmniWeb, pearLyrics, Pod2Go, RealPlayer, ScummVM, Shiira, SixtyForce, Skype, StuffIt Expander, SubEthaEdit, TechTool Deluxe, Temperature Monitor, TeXShop, Toast Titanium, VLC media player, Xbench, XviD Quicktime Component.
Apart from those, many other applications are expected to work out-of-the-box as well. Others may require some additional configuration in the "Advanced" dialog. Please refer to the online-help.
Like for Widget Update, graphics were designed by Mike Pogran.
In order to make App Update find the applications you want to monitor for updates, you have to set the directory (or directories) where you keep them through the "Path Settings" dialog on App Update's back. It is recommended to organize your share- and freeware applications in seperate folders rather than dropping them all directly into the applications folder.
If you have used Widget Update before, you should feel right at home!
For additional information, please refer to the online help that can be opened at any time with the keyboard shortcut Shift+H.
App Update was certified by Softpedia to be completely malware-free.
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