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Widget Mail 1.6

: Mac
Mac OS
: 92
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Do you want to send a quick message to someone? Know that they check their Dashboard often? Dont want to wait for them to check their email? Then Widget Mail is for you! You can use it to ask someone in your office a quick question or to ask your friend to have lunch with you. Its all easy with Widget Mails easy-to-use interface.
If youre a beginner, all you have to do is click the Register button. There arent a billion fields like some web sites. Just your username and password. Fear not; your password cannot be read by anyone! It is md5 encrypted. For instance, if your password is mypassword, in the database it will appear as 34819d7beeabb9260a5c854bc85b3e44. Then, you can log-in. You will stay logged in until you close the widget or choose to log-out. Mail messages in your inbox are sorted by the date sent; the newest are on the top.
Mail messages which havent been read appear in white, while the ones which have been read are in black. Just click on the subject to view the message! You can choose to reply to the message or delete it. Dont worry: you can choose to block messages from certain usernames or only allow certain usernames to send messages to you (all others besides the ones on your allow list will be blocked if you choose this option). All your friends have to do is download this widget, register, and then youll be sending messages in no time! When you send a message, you just enter the username that your friend used when registering for the to: field. You can also use Widget Mail to send mail to anyone even if they do not have Mac OS X Tiger; they can use the web-compatible version found at haym37.com. Widget Mail is the new email! Its email express.
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